Hi there, I’m Christa Jobb. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, in the land of evergreen trees and lots of rain. 

I grew up with amazing family, in a wonderfully supportive environment. My Mom stayed home to raise my brother and I, and my Dad worked as an Engineer for the State of Washington. We were the poster family for upper middle class, comfortable, but there wasn't room for a lot of extras.

I always excelled in school, had horses that I competed with, and generally had a really great childhood.

But I never really knew what I truly wanted to do with my life, and once I was out on my own... I quickly realized that I was an adult and things were all of a sudden my own responsibility! 

So I went through the motions of what I thought I was "supposed" to do. I started working towards a degree in Accounting then I realized I would be stuck behind a desk forever if I followed that path. I didn't desire that 9-5 life. Then I became a Massage Therapist, and even though I was building my own business, I was still at the mercy of other people's schedules. 

I felt unfulfilled, and like there had to be a way to have the freedom I desired while making a better income than I was. 

After college, I got married and started a family of my own. My husband and I made the decision that I would stay home to raise the kids. Having children fulfilled me in a way I never knew I needed. Being a mom truly did feel like a passion, but there was still just something missing. I had an entrepreneurial fire inside that made me want something more.

It was then that I found Network Marketing. The business was so appealing, since I wanted to have a career, but I did not want to miss out on raising my children.

I was very successful in my first venture into the Network Marketing world. I jumped to the top of the ranks within my company and was having fun doing it. It seemed like a dream! It was fun in the beginning, but it quickly became a lot of work. I spent many evenings away from my family doing in home parties, meeting with potential team members, and hours providing support to my downline. I was successful, but the pace was starting to wear on me. 

As with most dreams, they come to an end. With the birth of my second child, I knew I couldn’t keep up the pace I was working before. Although it was fun, I was constantly trying to squeeze work into every little pocket of time I had, and practically begging people to open up their homes and host a party. 

So back into the world of stay at home motherhood I went. It was like history repeating itself, I once again found myself with the same joys and struggles, all while longing for something more. So, I decided to start all over again in Network Marketing. 

There I was, back at square one. And let me tell you, I was dreading the thought of doing all the home parties, cold messaging, and spammy methods of growing my business all over again. I just knew in my heart there had to be a better way.

This was when I discovered Attraction Marketing. A proven method to build my business and have leads coming to me rather than chasing them down. I no longer had to feel like I was selling my soul just to bring in a new customer or two.

Attraction Marketing has taken the guesswork and stress out of building my business online.

Now I’m here to take the stigma out of Network Marketing and help you build a business that you’re proud of! If you are ready to change the way you do business and want to learn more about how you can have your customers coming to you, connect with me today for a FREE 30 Minute Consult!